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eyewear design

I have been designing eyewear for over 25 years for companies all over the world. I came from the Marangoni fashion institute in Milan. one day an eyewear company entrusted me with the design of their collection, perhaps taking a risk with someone like me who had no experience. for me it was a world that has revealed itself revealing a constantly changing soul. eyewear are an useful object with a precise function, but also a distinctive sign of vanity. a result of research into shapes and materials, colors and technical aspects. a rare blend not common in other fields.

ego evolution

in this work it is not just a matter of drawing tangent curves and sinuous lines. this is a difficult job, because to design glasses that can be sold to people, you need to know the people and their characters. eyewear represent our egos, so my main job is to observe our behaviors, to anticipate our requests, our desires for changes. I have to propose an accessory that makes us look like what we want. with a pair of glasses on our face, everyone of us wants to be a little different and a little himself, definitely if the design need to follow all this, it's really hard!

thanks to eyewear

In my career following the requests that came up, there were many opportunities to get to know different companies and people around the world. sometimes i met persons with a lot special entrepreneurial spirit and ability. eyewear design was also an opportunity for me to travel the world, to see places that I would not have known without this opportunity. also for this reason, I feel indebted to this object of utility and vanity, so popular, which is found on the faces of so many people. I hope to reciprocate with good and successful ideas, for those who trust me.


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