Trendy ergonomics

An identity process can arise from a Concept Design Sketch up to Eyewear Designs ergonomics, tailored. Through the concept-design the idea is born, a shape is defined, a mechanical movement comes to life. Glasses are a set of many components, many aspects of a design object which must first of all Be Functional.
concept eyewear drawing by max giorgetti

new patents

since I started in the glasses design, I have been busy inventing and trying news with sketches, prototypes and 3D designs, to find solutions for hinges, mechanical movements and new functionality for glasses and parts. i can suggest new ideas, as well help your concept to reach success.
patents concepts drawing by max giorgetti

Graphic Design

The logo and any other graphic customization are important details to make the product unique. As a new project is an opportunity to tell a story, an idea inspired by telling people, colors, characters, shades and chromatic variations. I can suggest you how and where you can work on it, from my point of view.
upsunglasses colibrì logo by max giorgetti

Drawings & CAD

Designs are made in formats compatible with the production machines for acetate, metal, wood or other innovative materials. In this way it is possible to optimize each production phase ensuring: precision, production costs reduced to a minimum, extremely fast time-to-market. In the injected glasses the process can takes place through the digitization of the Prototype in Reverse Engineering and subsequent 3D CAD.

maxgiorgetti injection drawing

the Prototype

Handmade or digitally, a prototype is the key step in the design process. The first prototype can talk to you about any part of the frame, suggesting that you change the angle, as well as the size and style of every detail. We make acetate prototypes, in metal, wood and other materials, with professional quality finishes in 1:1 scale.

handmade eyewear prototypes by max giorgetti


With accessories, a project has its distinctive sign which allows it to be recognized by all the rest. Packaging is a wonderful opportunity to define its content and intrigue the consumer. With the right packaging Design we can highlight and further emphasize your Brand.
packaging design

To create a complete project with original eyewear design, the details to be followed carefully, are numerous. For those who consider my opinion useful, I am available to evaluate projects and potential, ensuring maximum attention and confidentiality to all.


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